International Home

Founded in 1989, International Home is a leader in the market of international furniture production and distribution.

Through our 6 offices across the American continent we provide modern international distribution solutions and local reach. We partner with top global manufacturers of Home and Garden products to officially represent their business in the Americas region.

Our long-dated relationship with our customers is based on trust, fast response, and never-ending search for great business opportunities and innovative products.

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About Us

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International Home

More than 70 professionals across North, Central, and South America working together to disrupt Home and Garden product categories.

Regional approach with a country specific focus. Our scale enable us to provide top service level across all of our functions, while at the same time appointing country specific resources to develop and grow the market at a fast pace.

Main office in Argentina provides access world-class talent in a perfect time zone.

We mix cutting edge technology with family business values. As a 4th generation company (almost 100 years as leaders in the home goods category) we are long term focused. This is the ethos that drives our investments in technology, relationships, product, development, and assets.

Our History

4 generations disrupting the home goods category at a regional level has brought us here


Fundación de la empresa Corfam S.A.


Inauguración de la mayor fabrica de muebles de Argentina exportando a Canadá, Australia, USA y Latinoamérica


Fundación de IH y asociación con Keter Plastics para su representación en Sudamérica


Asociación con el Grupo Plicosa para su representación en Sudamérica y USA


Apertura de primer centro de distribución dedicado exclusivamente al ecommerce de artículos para el hogar en USA


Apertura de centro de distribución en Argentina


Apertura de centros de distribución Chile, Mexico y Brasil