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Founded in 1989, International Home is a leader in the market of international furniture production and distribution.

Through our 6 offices across the American continent we provide modern international distribution solutions and local reach. We partner with top global manufacturers of Home and Garden products to officially represent their business in the Americas region.

Our long-dated relationship with our customers is based on trust, fast response, and never-ending search for great business opportunities and innovative products.

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Shaping the future for home and garden

The way that consumers shop for home, garden, and leisure products has dramatically changed in the last decade.

In 2001 we started our operations in the USA market, we have since partnered with top retailers to start and grow their dropshipping business.

We work with our customers in a wide range of solutions, from sourcing FOB product to operating their online channels across all the continent.

Our distribution approach covers the whole range

FOB Business

Focusing on the low-risk and high-volume part of our customers’ assortment, we supply full containers directly from our factories to the customer’s warehouse.
We have more than 20 years of experience working with our factories and our customers to maximize the loading, achieve the best price, and ensure top quality.

Local Distribution

We hold stock locally in several markets to supply big retailers with bulk orders.
Retailares can quickly react to demands spikes and expand their assortment if needed.


We partner with big retailers to add our products into their online assortment and provide a the highest quality photos, videos, 3Ds, instructions, and descriptions.
Our local teams handle distribution, customer support, and to build white label brands when required by our partner retailers


Our brands are present in most of the marketplaces in the region. We manage the distribution and the customer service locally.
The assortment selection and branding for this channel is thought through so that there is no conflict with FOB purchases.

Some of our customers

E-commerce and stores

Longtail and niche products are sold through e-commerce sites that we build and manage. We partner with local marketing agencies to invest in the brands and grow the business.
The assortment selection and branding for this channel is thought through so that there is no conflict with FOB purchases.

National HardwaRe Show Las Vegas

Casual Market Chicago

Permanent Showroom In Buenos Aires

Permanent Showroom In Miami